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Roman blinds give the elegant feel of drapes but with added functionality and versatility of modern window blinds. New Way manufactures roman blinds since 1993 and you can choose from a variety of fabrics, patterns, textures, colors, and fold styles.

Why choose roman blinds?

Modern Roman Blinds

Old, heavy drapes on your windows weighing down the whole look of your home? Lighten it up with these updated Modern Romans Blinds specifically designed by New Way. Get the look and feel of fine custom drapery and the convenience of a user-friendly shade with a price tag that won’t weigh down your budget, either.

roman blinds
roman blinds

Signature Romans With Many Pleats

There’s something irresistible about the tailored look of a custom Roman window treatment like Luxe Romans. Whether in soft, romantic folds, or striking, flat pleats, this perennially popular window covering keeps topping the list of professional interior designers and DIY decorator alike. You may not need to dampen them to keep dirt and dust out like the ancient Romans did (hence their name), but they’re a modern marvel for giving you customized light and privacy control on your windows. So why resist?

roman blinds malaysia

Many Fabrics & Colors To Choose From

These highly customizable, designer quality Roman blinds window coverings are the DIY stylist’s best friend, with New Way’s specifically designed gorgeous fold styles. Dozens of lavish fabrics. Colors that shimmer and shine. Patterns in classic florals and scrolls. Peppy, preppy stripes, and textures and weaves to win over the most discriminating tastes.

Roman blinds specifically complements our roller blinds and zebra blinds collections.

roman blinds malaysia

Roman Blinds That Look Stunningly Gorgeous

Your friends will think you hired a professional decorator. But you don’t have to. These ravishing light filtering romans provide the perfect background to any style, from farmhouse to granny chic to urban contemporary. They look stunning in formal living and dining rooms, and add a casual elegance to comfy family rooms. Reducing glare and diminishing incoming light, they’re just as beautiful in bedrooms too.

roman blinds malaysia
roman blinds
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We have one of the most modern type of roman blinds in the market. It comes with many pleats and extremely easy to clean. Maintenance is very low and blinds components are built to last.

Please enquire now to get our roman blinds catalog and be our dealer. Pricing is extremely competitive.

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