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New Way manufactures curtain tracks, hooks, wooden rods, accessories and blinds. We are one of the largest wholesaler and manufacturer for the curtain industry in Malaysia providing a one stop solution for all window coverings needs. Our blinds collection include roller blinds, roman blinds, zebra blinds and outdoor blinds.

Curtains Rails

We supply various type of curtain tracks with different qualities across the curtain industry. We are proud to announce the addition of “Premium Hotel” series to our curtain rails collections for year 2021-2022.

super doso curtain tracks

Super Doso Curtain Tracks

The Super Doso Series of curtain rails and track accessories are most classic and common in Malaysia. It is widely used and adopted since 1993 for houses in Malaysia.

curved curtain rails malaysia

Curved Curtain Tracks

Whether a room or window has an unusual bend, curve or shape, (eg. bay window) you don’t have to leave it bare and exposed. Curved curtain tracks have you covered.

hospital curtain tracks

Hospital Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Using hospital medical cubicle curtain tracks means that any designer or architect can map out a floor plan that consists of cubicles while maintaining privacy.

premium hotel ripple fold s track curtain

Premium Hotel Ripple Fold “Snake” Curtain Tracks

Premium Hotel Ripple Fold curtain track series (” S Track Curtain” or “Snake track curtain”) is New Way’s latest 2021-2022 newly launched product.

It is currently the industry very best signature ripple fold curtain tracks and is widely installed in majority of 5 star hotels in Malaysia.

kayu langsir wooden curtain rods

Kayu Langsir Wooden Curtain Rods

New Way is one of the largest manufacturer of wooden curtain rods (“rod kayu langsir”) in Malaysia. Our curtain rods are made from hard wood (eg. Meranti, Merbau) and guaranteed in quality.
Our wooden curtain rods can sustain very very heavy curtain load without deforming as we do not utilize any finger joint in making rods.

Heavy Duty Roman Tracks

Our heavy duty roman blind track is very modern and use a bead chain lift system to raise and lower the blind. Chains are provided with a tension device for child safety. The tension device must be installed for the shades to operate properly. Sleek, miniature pleat battens, band guides, and cords are used to lift the blinds into neat folds.

Blinds & Shades

Blinds have more variety and are often preferred for their adjustability – they can be opened to let light in, or shut tight for maximum privacy. This is especially true for the weather condition in Malaysia. They’re arguably the least expensive type of window covering available, can easily be repaired, and require less maintenance.

blackout roller blinds for bathroom

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most economical type of blinds and extremely easy to maintain. This is why roller blinds have rapidly gained in popularity throughout Malaysia. It is also widely used for office window treatment in Malaysia and Singapore

zebra blinds for living room

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are sometimes referred to as Korean blinds, dual blinds, rainbow blinds, combi-blinds, and shadow blinds. It contains a couple of fabric layers and are usually comprised of perforated (sheer) and polyester material.

office roller sunscreen blinds

Office Blinds

Office blinds can potentially make a workplace’s ambiance more uplifting. An office’s mood is influenced heavily by its surroundings, and blinds happen to be one of the conspicuous element in them.

roman blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds give the elegant feel of drapes but with added functionality and versatility of modern window shades.

New Way manufactures roman blinds since 1993 and you can choose from a variety of fabrics, patterns, textures, colors, and fold styles.

outdoor waterproof windproof exterior blinds for apartment and condominium balconies

Waterproof & Windproof Outdoor Blinds

Invest in premium quality outdoor blinds that effectively protect against harmful UV rays, while keeping you warm and dry during heavy rains. New Way offers a range of premium outdoor blinds – from traditional outdoor blinds to smart outdoor motorized blinds.

Curtain Accessories

We are a one-stop solution for curtain accessories with products ranging from curtain hooks, curtain tapes, eyelets and many more. If you need curtain related accessories, we would have it in stock.

curtain hooks

Curtain Hooks

New Way is one of the largest curtain hooks manufacturer (“hooks langsir”) in Malaysia. New Way starts pioneers the trend in powder coating 101 and 104 pleat hooks in the market. We are proud to be the first manufacturer who distribute painted hooks ensuring durability and ease of use.

curtain tapes

Curtain Tapes

Curtain tapes make it very easy to hang drapes around corners, such as in bow or bay windows. Additionally, they are easy to use and can be ironed, washed or dry cleaned without any problems. Plus, these curtain tapes can turn flat panels into highly decorative pleated options.

curtain eyelet rings

Curtain Langsir Eyelet Rings

The use of curtain eyelet rings is a common practice when making a modern or sleek window dressing. Curtain eyelets (“langsir eyelets”) install over existing eyelets or can be added to a panel to create a unique look.

spring toggles additional curtain accessories

Additional Curtain Accessories

We also wholesale many other types of curtain accessories such as spring toggles, baton curtain wands, extension brackets and many more. Truely a one stop solution for custain industry.

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