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Life’s pace is quick and even a few minutes saved is worthwhile. This is why roller blinds have rapidly gained in popularity throughout Malaysia. Easy to use and maintain, they are unlike curtains as they are cleaned less often and will not allow dirt and debris to cling easily. They are popular in all styles of architecture, including condos, commercial spaces, bungalows, and more. 

A popular option for interior design, roller blinds are aesthetic and functional. Capable of blocking sunlight from areas like balconies, they come in a diversity of styles and designs for any interior style. At New Way, we offer roller blind colours and patterns for any space. In addition to being good looking, they are also available with a range of functions, such as providing sun screening, privacy screen or translucence that enables light to penetrate into a room.  New Way also offers manual roller blind options or motorised operations, also designed with the highest quality materials and operating systems. 

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