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When you think of curtain accessories, it is likely that you think of tiebacks, hanging hardware, hooks, and even things like curtain tapes. These are some of the most familiar curtain accessories, but what about all of the “other,” lesser-known options?

Knowing about the full array of curtain accessories from a reputable manufacturer is one way to make the most out of any new curtain projects. As an example, perhaps your flat panel curtains are in a print you love, but you want to make them more lively or dynamic? There are accessories such as eyelets that can be added to enable deep folds to be created when hanging the curtains, or curtain tapes that can make them easy to pleat curtains.

There are also options in hooks for making pleats from flat panels, and then there are utility items that can improve the function or even the durability of your installations.

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What sorts of curtain accessories should you consider?

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