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Don’t mistake the phrase affordable, in the Normal Series affordable curtain track with anything less than quality and performance. While their name does explain that they are the most budget-friendly of the options available, they are not lower quality, cheap or less reliable. What makes the affordable curtain track affordable? It has to do with just a few small differences.

For one thing, they come in a single color rather than a menu of designer hues. So, buyers enjoy the good looks of a sleek, aluminum or silver-colored installation. This coordinates with all of the mounting hardware, however, so there are no clashes in style or looks. In other words, the affordable curtain track still provides that sleek and seamless look most desire in their window dressings.

The hardware can be found in ceiling or wall mounting styles, meaning you still enjoy that same diversity of design options and solutions to difficult windows and spaces. The reason that the affordable curtain tracks are within the Normal Series is that they also come only in single or double designs. This limits the layering to just sheers and curtains or panels as opposed to a triple tier installation with even more depth or options.

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